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St James Ashworth

St James Ashworth

St James is a small rural parish, despite it’s proximity to Rochdale town centre. The church is an ancient foundation dating from 1514 with the present, well maintained building dating from 1789.


Memorial gates


The church enjoys excellent support from the small population within the parish; the local farmers give generously of their time and materials to help with the maintenance and building work. We also get a lot of support from families whose forbears have worshiped at St James; visitors from all over the world come to  look at our registers.

The church is usually packed at Christmas, Easter and Harvest festivals. In between times a faithful congregation maintains the building and its witness. Many members come from outside the parish, often to hear the liturgy according to the Book of Common Prayer. At family services however the Book of Common Worship is used.

We at St James see our special ministry is to maintain a witness to Christ within this small country parish, to make the church and parish hall a focus of the community and a hilltop beacon to all who pass by!

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